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Customs House Agents

Bonding & Entrepot Operation


The company is a licensed customs house agents and operates a dedicated division with experienced staff to undertake all formalities related to the Import, Trans-Shipment, Export and Re-export of goods to and from Sri Lanka.

The Customs house agents division of the company handles the customs clearing and forwarding, transport, unloading and loading and warehousing of approximately over one million tons of cargo; whether in Containers, Bulk and/or Break-Bulk such as Sugar, Fertilizer, Cement and other general merchandise.

Many of our customers are International trading groups who maintain bonded and buffer stocks of products such as Sugar, Rice and Fertilizer under a government approved bonded scheme. A unique feature of the service is that the company maintains total responsibility for the goods from the point of unloading from the vessel to delivery onto the customers buyers trucks and/or go-downs.

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