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Bagging Operations of Bulk Fertilizer at Ship side

Sri Lanka Shipping Co. Ltd., a 100% Sri Lankan owned company, mainly engaged in Shipping and Marine related services, has extended its business to bagging operations of bulk fertilizer in the year 2007 with Two (2) state of the art Mobile quayside weighing and bagging machine units.

The Company provides Bagging service for Bulk Fertilizer & imported into Sri Lanka with quayside bagging technology.

Since the inception of the Bagging operations of Bulk Fertilizer at quayside, directly discharged from the ship into the Bagging Hopper. The Company has introduced a concept in Sri Lanka with consistent accuracy in weight and a higher productivity.

With the growing demand for bagging of bulk fertilizer imported into the Country, the Company is now geared with four(4) bulk bagging machines assuring the multitude of it's Customers excellence in service with guaranteed productivity and consistent accuracy of weight of cargo in bags.

The Company is privileged to provide Bagging services to

•  Toepfer International ( Asia ) Pte Ltd.

•  Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises.

•  Helm Dungemettel Gmbh.

•  Blue DeeBaj Chemicals Llc.

•  Dragon Asia Fertilizer Ltd.

•  Emirates Trading Agency Llc.

• Valency International Pte Ltd.

• Rawfert Offshore SAL

•  Zulfa Foods (Pvt) Ltd.

•  CHS Europe SA

•  Agriculture Resources & Investments Pte Ltd.

•  Agri Commodities & Finance FZE.

•  Dreymoor Fertilizer Overseas Pte Ltd.

Bagging Plants are maintained by in-house technicians and therefore assuring Customers that the bagging plants are in good working condition at all times to give the guaranteed service.

The Company is only service oriented and do not represent any TRADING and/or SUPPLY of commodity and thereby avoid any conflict in provision of this service.

Bag to Bulk & Re-Bagging

M/s. RAWFERT S.A.L of Lebanon shipped a parcel of 12,000 MT of UREA in 50 Kg Bags to the Port of Colombo. Since the bag markings were not conforming to the local importers requirements, We performed a Bag to Bulk and Re-Bagging operation to the local importers bags , which was handled in a very professional manner although it was a new concept in Sri Lanka and the end result was a fine out turn and perfect bag weights. We are ready to cater to the industry needs whatever it may be.

" Catering to Multiple Customers Simultaneously " is shown in below first and second pictures.

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